Can souls(or ghosts) survive nuclear explosions?



If you don’t really believe in spirituality then you wouldn’t really like his or understand this question. If you do believe this please listen…

I believe that souls is an actually substance. I don’t know if it exists in other dimensions or not, but I know that it is heavily focus in and outside our bodies. So it is an actually energy. I don’t know what kind of energy it is, whether it is dark matter or whatever. But I believe it is a certain type or energy that is unaffected by time (since time doesn’t exist).

Anyway whatever this type of energy is, would it be affected by nuclear explosions? Isn’t nuclear explosions caused by hydrogen atoms splitting apart? If so would this chemical and atomic reaction affect the energy of souls(or ghosts)? Well it depends on how hydrogen atoms act in our reality.Even hydrogen is one of the most basic and plentiful atoms is it really that basic? Does nuclear reactions create gaps in the universe in which it has the ability to affect souls in other dimensions?

I don’t know as I didn’t take chemistry class yet. Hopefully I can gain meaningful insights of how atoms and souls(ghosts) work in this universe.

Word of the Day:Hands


These Hands

full of varicose veins from constant exertion

are taken for granted


For if my hands were cut off

I will shout to the heavens 

not because of the pain and humiliation

not because I won’t be able to feel the soft hands of my children

or because of the lack of ability to caress my sensual wife

or to express my complex creativity


It will be because I won’t be able to, ,with my own flesh and blood,

verify anything that I own 


As it will be taken away from me 

Along with my hands.

(This still applies even if you have robotic hands)