Can souls(or ghosts) survive nuclear explosions?



If you don’t really believe in spirituality then you wouldn’t really like his or understand this question. If you do believe this please listen…

I believe that souls is an actually substance. I don’t know if it exists in other dimensions or not, but I know that it is heavily focus in and outside our bodies. So it is an actually energy. I don’t know what kind of energy it is, whether it is dark matter or whatever. But I believe it is a certain type or energy that is unaffected by time (since time doesn’t exist).

Anyway whatever this type of energy is, would it be affected by nuclear explosions? Isn’t nuclear explosions caused by hydrogen atoms splitting apart? If so would this chemical and atomic reaction affect the energy of souls(or ghosts)? Well it depends on how hydrogen atoms act in our reality.Even hydrogen is one of the most basic and plentiful atoms is it really that basic? Does nuclear reactions create gaps in the universe in which it has the ability to affect souls in other dimensions?

I don’t know as I didn’t take chemistry class yet. Hopefully I can gain meaningful insights of how atoms and souls(ghosts) work in this universe.

The Scientific Community is A Nuisance


Do you know what annoys me the most? Scientist and scientific T.V shows. I feel that they are completely ignoring what is really going on in Earth. I also never seen a black scientist(or ever heard of them talking about 1 or the entire black race) and when they do which is rare I’m always disappointed

The places that they show on T.V(like space or Earth) is really extravagant. I don’t see a black brother or sister making it to these places.and if they do I’m scared that they won’t survive.

In conclusion I really hope the scientific community change. It is not enough showing us aliens and Area 51 or new species. They have to make it real-er. This is why I don’t believe half of the things they say in discovery channel.

The Limits of Life

They say that this planet is perfect for creating and reproducing life.But I never heard of “The Limit of Life”. In the scientific community(majority white people) they seem to think about this world as ever – expanding,ever – growing, and ever- moving. But no one sets limits.

This probably led to the delusional view of slavery. Life can’t just reproduce constantly in a face pace. Eventually it will strain the genetic makeup. Life needs to be stable or secure, especially when it comes to reproduction.

Limits are not bad. It helps to mature life. Setting limits helps to create balance in this world (a recurrent theme). If most scientist started thinking ion that way then maybe humans will start t appreciate life more in general and not just the life they created( human babies). This might also help to control the human population.

Either way I’m tired of the delusional view of life. Whether or not this world exist or not, or whether it will end or not balance must be achieve.